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About the smart fortwo

A rear-wheel drive, rear-engine city car like no other, the smart fortwo is a compact hatchback car that truly stands out. Released on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in 1998 and a few years later in Canadian territory, the smart fortwo remains a head-turner even after all these years. Refreshed and refined over the years, the smart fortwo is assembled in the city of Hambach, France. Original, versatile and incredibly fuel efficient, the smart fortwo, despite its miniature size, remains one of the safest vehicle on the road.

Model Features


When it was released in 1998, the smart fortwo aroused many people's curiosity. In every auto show, enthusiasts and critics gathered around the little German creature to see what the fuss was all about. Thanks to its small dimensions, original shapes and uncommon stance, the ecstatic smart fortwoquickly became one of the automotive crowd's favorite. Almost as wide as it is large, smart's flagship vehicle delivers a thrilling ownership experience. Its virtually non-existent overhangs, short nose and vertical rear end give the smart fortwo a charming yet rugged look. Available with a large panoramic roof, the smart fortwo Coupé was the first model to be released by smart. A few years later, the smart fortwo Cabriolet joined the ranks. Both spacious, these compact vehicles provide their passengers a splendid, panoramic view and a greater access to the sun. Much more spacious than it appears, the smart fortwo is the perfect city car. Quickly find a used smart fortwo by browsing through our smart fortwo for sale.

Fuel Efficiency

As suggested by its reduced dimensions, the smart fortwo is a stunning and extremely fuel-efficient vehicle. Sturdy and fun to drive, the smart fortwo offers a choice of several powertrains that all provide great fuel economy. First stop is a gasoline-fueled, rear engine with more than 70 horsepower. Paired with a turbocharger since the 2016 model year, this engine generates more than 100 lb-ft of torque. Released a few years later after the original smart fortwo, the 55 kW (approximately 75 horsepower) electric motor that powers the smart fortwo Electric Drive is the greenest and most satisfying pick to conquer the urban jungle. Agile and nimble like no other, the German city car benefits from a ridiculously small turning radius while still providing excellent fuel efficiency. Quickly find a used smart fortwo by browsing through our smart fortwo for sale.


Don't get fooled by its small dimensions, the smart fortwo is one of the safest cars on the road. Compact and ingeniously designed, the exciting city car with its wheel pushed to all four corners benefits from a rigid and tough body structure reinforced with high-strength steel sheets. This structure, paired with side en traverse members, ensure an even distribution of impact energy. Along with these components, the smart fortwo is equipped with several active and passive safety features such as:

  • 8 standard airbags (6 for the Cabriolet version)

  • Crash boxes

  • Safety seats with integral seat belts

  • Electronic stability program (ESP)

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

  • Brake Assist (BAS)

  • and many more.

Quickly find a used smart fortwo by browsing through our smart fortwo for sale.