Summer Tires

Of a primary importance, your tires are the only elements that keep you on the road at all time. Depending on your geographical location, your driving habits, the type of roads you mostly travel on, your preferences and your vehicle, several summer tires are available.

Whether you are looking for outstanding performances, enhanced durability, uncompromising comfort or optimal traction on all surfaces, our specialists will be able to guide you towards a choice of summer tires that best suits your needs among one of these six categories.

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Touring Tires

Designed to fit most passenger cars and minivans, all-season tires from the Touring category offer a great balance between comfort, gas mileage and durability.

Performance Touring Tires

Similar to the regular Touring class, those summer tires offer increased handling on wet surfaces as well as excellent gas mileage.


Slightly more oriented towards performance without compromising the strengths of Touring tires, this type of all-season tires offers superior handling thanks to softer rubber compounds.

Luxury Performance

Designed to fit luxury performance touring vehicles, these all-season or summer tires provide enhanced handling both on dry and wet surfaces. Although, due to softer rubber compounds, these tires won't last as long as Touring tires.


Oriented towards greater performances, these summer tires provide more precise steering as well as great gas mileage and maximum traction thanks to soft rubber compounds and sport tread patterns.

Ultra High-Performance

Designed to fit ultra high-performance sport vehicles, this category of summer tires will please any enthusiast or spirited driver. Strongly inspired by tires designed for the race track, ultra-high performance tires deliver outstanding performances and unparalleled handling at all time.

Pretty different from one to another, these all-season or summer tires offer a wide range of strengths and weaknesses and unfortunately cannot be fitted on any car. Trust in your tire specialist at Groupe Park Avenue to help you make an informed choice of summer tires that best suits your reality and driving preferences.

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