Tire Storage

Good tire maintenance and proper tire storage greatly increase the lifespan and behaviour of a tire on the long run. Rather bulky and rarely clean, tires are often thrown somewhere under a balcony or piled up in the corner of a shed and are subject to great temperature variations. Unfortunately, temperature variation is one the greatest enemy of a tire as it alters the rubber's elasticity and ultimately its durability. To maximize the lifespan of your tires and minimize the trouble, Groupe Park Avenue offers a premium tire storage service with numerous benefits.

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Tire Storage Logistics

Choosing the tire storage service is also choosing complete peace of mind. Thanks to a high-performance computerized system that allows accurate storing and a hassle-free experience all year-long, your tires always remain together and are delivered at your dealer at the right time which eliminates any hassle and complications.

Warehouse Environment

Stop losing valuable space at home, our tire storage service is the safest way to store your off-season tires. Exclusively dedicated to fulfill this purpose, our multiple buildings with superior insurance are maintained at a constant temperature of 18°C which greatly increases your tires' lifespan. What's more, our horizontal tire-racking system greatly reduces shocks and impacts and therefore maximize your tires' durability over the long haul.

Manipulating the Tires

Always handled by tire specialists in the most favorable conditions, thanks to Groupe Park Avenue's tire storage service, your tires will last longer and perform better where and when needed. What's more, our experts perform a complete wear and tear verification to assess the condition of your tires and therefore, your safety for the coming seasons.

Do not hesitate to speak with one of our specialists to learn more about our tire storage service offered at every Groupe Park Avenue dealership. It is with great pride and pleasure that we answer any question you may have and promise a transparent experience at all time, an experience for your life.

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