Winter Tires

During winter and the surrounding cold months, your tires are you direct link to the pavement regardless of what's covering it. Significantly different from an area to another, the weather conditions combined with your driving habits, types of travel, geographical location and preferences, will greatly influence your choice of winter tires.

Your safety is paramount which is exactly why we highly recommend that you speak with a specialist who will be able to guide you towards a tire that best suits your reality, needs and preferences among the three different categories of winter tires.

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Snow Tires

Snow tires are easily recognizable thanks to their wide treads and large blocks which allow snow accumulation and compaction followed by optimal drainage. Slightly firmer than the one used in the construction of ice tires, the rubber found in snow tires performs at its best in urban conditions or on short travelling distances.

Ice Tires

Ice tires are specifically designed to offer optimum levels of traction on ice. Ice tires have a slightly wider contact area and are easily recognizable thanks to their narrow treads. Slightly smoother than the one found in snow tires, the rubber used in the construction of ice tires offers better grip and traction on icy surfaces. What's more, it offers a better resistance against colder temperature. Although this type of winter tire was usually recommended to anyone who mostly travelled on highways, its popularity has grown over the past few years as it delivers optimal performances under almost any circumstances.

High Performance Tires

High performance tires often boast an asymmetrical design reminiscent of the one found on high performance summer tires. These winter tires are usually fitted on high performance and luxurious vehicles and offer outstanding traction both on icy and snowy surfaces. Of an uncommon efficiency, these winter tires are also the most expensive.

Although there are three different categories of winter tires with many differences on paper, we highly suggest that you speak with a specialist who will gladly guide you towards are choice that best suits your needs and preferences. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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