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$29,390 - $29,390
Odometer (KM)
114,500 - 114,500
2015 - 2015

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$29,390 $35,384
TrimWolfsburg Edition
Engine4 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementMéga Centre Park Avenue Sainte-Julie
Stock NumberO16661

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About the Volkswagen Eos

A convertible with attitude and grit, the Volkswagen Eos offers an elegant and practical concept that has been able to seduce thousands of enthusiasts, critics and reporters since its introduction in 2007. Derived from the Greek goddess of dawn, the Volkswagen Eos brought a breath of fresh air as the first coupé model from Volkswagen since the Corrado back in 1995. A replacement for the Golf Cabrio, the Volkswagen Eos has received its share of upgrades and is therefore is the most refined convertible vehicle that has ever been offered by the manufacturer. Slightly bigger and more sophisticated than its predecessors, it is the perfect balance between performance, aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Model Features


Slightly larger than the Golf Cabrio, the Volkswagen Eos boasts a unique and inspiring design. Launched in 2007, the round-shaped German convertible has been revisited and modified later in 2012 to meet the manufacturer's latest trends which gave it a more sober and elegant, yet still shining allure.

A great source of Vitamin D, the five-pieces folding hardtop is the only one in its category that also boast a sunroof. Get the perfect climate at the simple touch of a button as the Volkswagen Eos goes from coupe to convertible in 25 seconds flat. Much more than a simple convertible, the Volkswagen Eos offers a tremendous driving experience as suggested by its sleek wheels, great aerodynamics and muscular, yet refined stance.

Quickly find a new Volkswagen Eos or used Volkswagen Eos by browsing our inventory of Volkswagen Eos for sale.


A gutsy sport convertible that is ready for anything, the Volkswagen Eos offers an exhilarating driving experience under its charming looks. Fitted with a powerful 2.0-liter four-cylinder TSI engine that generates over 200 horsepower and even more torque, the German convertible is surprisingly spirited and agile.

While a manual 6-speed transmission was offered until 2011, it is now a 6-speed automatic DSG transmission that sends the power to the wheels. Ensuring seamless shifts, this transmission provides vigorous and linear accelerations as well as muscle when needed.

Designed to offer performances worthy of the most prestigious sports cars, the Volkswagen Eos rigid body is coupled to a sport suspension that gives it an athletic feel when needed. Quickly find a new Volkswagen Eos or used Volkswagen Eos by browsing our inventory of Volkswagen Eos for sale.


A contrast to its uncommon sporty nature, the cabin of the Volkswagen Eos has fitted the latest technologies and features and therefore offers first-class comfort. As dynamic on the inside as it is on the outside, the design of the German convertible is both practical and functional.

Designed to meet the manufacturers highest standards, the driving position can easily be optimized while the standard, or side-bolstered leather sport seats, offer excellent support and comfort at all time. As usual, the interior provides a welcoming, sophisticated and quiet environment thanks to the high-end hardtop that really seals the cabin and gives its passengers enjoy a moment of peace.

Quickly find a new Volkswagen Eos or used Volkswagen Eos by browsing our inventory of Volkswagen Eos for sale.