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$24,197 $24,584
TrimT5 Special Edition Premier
Engine5 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementPark Avenue Volvo Autos Brossard
Stock NumberV21407A
$26,995 $28,848
Engine4 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementMéga Centre Park Avenue La Prairie
Stock NumberN14673

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About the Volvo S60

Being an internationally recognized manufacturer, Volvo's been leaving its mark on the automobile market for over 100 years. Although it is the most affordable model, the Volvo S60 sedan is packed with features that will make its competitors blush. In fact, at Volvo, the entry level barely exists since even the least expensive models convey luxury as well as quality and the S60 is no exception. Five engine options, luxurious materials and eye-catching design, the Volvo S60 will seduce even the pickiest drivers.

Model Features


Designed in a Nordic country, the Volvo S60 boasts decades of Volvo expertise in regard to the sustainability of its engines in difficult conditions. Five powertrain options are then available for the S60, three with AWD:

  • T5 (5-cylinders) turbocharged AWD that can produce more than 250 horsepower.

  • T5 (4 cylinders) Drive-E turbocharged FWD producing more than 240 horsepower.

  • T6 3.0L (6 cylinders) turbocharged AWD offering more than 300 horsepower.

  • T6 2,0L (4 Cylinders) E Drive-turbocharged and supercharged FWD of more than 300 horsepower.

  • T6 R-Design 3.0L (6 cylinders) turbocharged producing more than 325 horsepower.

Models bearing the designation Drive-E are part of the new generation of Volvo engines with reduced CO2 emissions. These motors also offer better fuel efficiency without cutting into performance since all of S60 engines without exception are equipped with turbochargers. Find today the used Volvo S60 you need by browsing our inventory of Volvo S60 for sale.


In terms of safety, Volvo's designers have given themselves a mission that is an absolute feat in itself: by 2020, no Volvo should be involved in a fatal accident or causing serious injury. This is a huge challenge but if one manufacturer is able to achieve this feat, it is Volvo.

That is why all their vehicles have security systems on the cutting edge of technology. There is, among others, the adaptive cruise control that maintains a safe distance with the vehicle in front. The IntelliSafe system uses several radars for detecting the arrival of a pedestrian ahead of the vehicle or an imminent impact. In addition, seat belts are electronically calibrated to tighten within a few milliseconds in the event of an impact.

Find today the used Volvo S60 you need by browsing our inventory of Volvo S60 for sale.



In the automotive market, the name Volvo is synonymous with luxury and quality. Therefore, all vehicles of the Swedish manufacturer are offering an incomparable level of comfort and an impressive attention to detail. All seats are covered with hand sewn leather and the front seats are heated and power controlled.

All Volvo models are equipped with the Sensus infotainment system containing an array of entertainment and navigation applications, all accessible via a touch screen on the dashboard. In addition, a smartphone application is available and allows you to lock the doors remotely or even check the fuel level. Telephone, music, vehicle information and even web research, Sensus is one of the most complete infotainment systems in the industry.

Find today the used Volvo S60 you need by browsing our inventory of Volvo S60 for sale.