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About the Volvo S80

Most upscale sedan in the Volvo family, the S80 is a real gem of design. Its fiery and distinguished look does not fail to turn heads in its path. The cabin of the Volvo S80 is spacious, luxurious and full of equipment enhancing the driving experience. Two engine options are available in order to adapt to a wider clientele. Over thirty state-of-the-art safety devices are arranged strategically in the Volvo S80 sedan, giving unparalleled peace of mind to its passengers.

Model Features


The Volvo S80 luxury sedan brings comfort to a whole new level. Every detail, every seam and every button are carefully designed so as to create a harmonious interior, but especially comfortable and ergonomic. Exotic varieties of wood are enthroned on the center console as well as on the dashboard and hand stitched leather adorns the seats.

The S80 features a premium audio system and top-quality soundproofing. All essential commands are located on the steering wheel, giving control of volume, telephone or even cruise control at your fingertips. A touch screen is installed in the dashboard and provides access to the Sensus infotainment system. This system provides connectivity with a smartphone, navigation, information on the vehicle and can even search on the internet. It is also possible to install several customizable applications in order to listen to a specific catalog of music or to access audio books.

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From the first glance, it is clear that the exceptional design of the Volvo S80 is not a fortuity. Its lines, sometimes curved, sometimes more angular, give it a dynamic look while retaining the clean classic spirit to previous generations of Volvo vehicles.

The S80 is intended as a statement or even an ode to European design thanks to its aerodynamic cut and hood lines flow harmoniously into the bodywork of the doors and roof. The classic Volvo four slats grille is the highlight of the front, flanked by two tapered halogen headlights that blend seamlessly into the hood lines. An important place is given to the windshield to give the driver the best possible visibility.

Find today the used Volvo S80 for you by browsing our inventory of Volvo S80 for sale.



As it is the case in all Volvos, the S80 sedan offers a myriad of safety features all more impressive than each other.

First, the IntelliSafe system is probably the most interesting feature among all since it puts to contribution several radars to detect pedestrians, cars and bicycles. This real-time system analyzes the impact probabilities and adjusts the brakes or the trajectory of the vehicle accordingly. A blind spot and collision warning completes this system. A parking assist device as well as reversing cameras are available to facilitate driving in tighter spaces.

Find today the used Volvo S80 for you by browsing our inventory of Volvo S80 for sale.