Volvo XC60 for sale, Used Volvo XC60 on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

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Kilometers 100,010
Transmission Automatic
Engine I-6 cyl
Emplacement Méga Centre Park Avenue La Prairie
Stock Number N6346
Your Price $24,995

About the Volvo XC60

Responding to a growing demand in the automotive market, the Swedish manufacturer has given birth to the XC series, meaning cross-country. These vehicles have a versatile vocation, adapting to all types of terrain and road conditions. The Volvo XC60 comes under the category of crossover because it is based on the platform of the V60 while offering more powerful engine options, better ground clearance and a more spacious interior, not to mention the famous Volvo AWD. The Volvo XC60 has all the attributes of an all-terrain vehicle combined with the refinement and comfort of a city car.


The Benefits

Possessing an important family vocation, the Volvo XC60 crossover offers more than thirty security features. Numerous gradual deployment airbags are strategically installed in the XC60 to deliver a complete and uniform protection to all occupants of the car.

The IntelliSafe system exclusive to Volvo vehicles works in real time with several radar detectors installed around the car to detect virtually all approaching obstacles. This device is part of an offensive on the part of Volvo aimed to curb accidents involving their cars. A blind spot assist detects obstacles difficult to see from the driver’s angle and the adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts the speed of the XC60 to the vehicle that precedes it.

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With two all-wheel drive engines and two engines equipped with the front-wheel Drive-E system, the Volvo XC60 fits perfectly to all types of drivers. The Drive-E system is the latest innovation from Volvo's engine department and minimizes the size without reducing performance while limiting emissions of greenhouse gases. Here are the four engine options that are available:

  • T5 (4 cylinders) Drive-E 2.0L turbocharged FWD generating more than 240 horsepower

  • T6 (4 cylinders) Drive-E turbocharged FWD producing more than 300 horsepower.

  • T5 (5-cylinders) 2.5L turbocharged AWD that can develop more than 250 horsepower.

  • T6 (6 cylinders) 3.0L turbocharged AWD that can generate more than 300 horsepower.

With their standard turbocharger, all these vehicles offer an unmatched driving experience for a crossover. Find today the used Volvo XC60 for you by browsing our inventory Volvo XC60 for sale.

Taking advantage of the legendary Volvo comfort, the Volvo XC60 continues to impress with its generous standard equipment as well as the luxurious materials used to line the cabin.

As with all Volvos, the seats are trimmed in rich hand sewn leather. The front seats are heated and controlled with an electrical adjustment system. The entire interior vibrates with the European energy that inhabits the cars of the Swedish manufacturer, with refined lines and an ergonomic layout of the dashboard controls. The latter is topped with a touch screen giving access to the exclusive Volvo Sensus system and provides access to a personalized repertoire of music or to access a real-time navigation system.

Find today the used Volvo XC60 for you by browsing our inventory Volvo XC60 for sale.