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About the Volvo XC70

Part of the series XC (Cross Country), the Volvo XC70 represents the pinnacle of luxury, versatility and off-road ability. That car actually is a station wagon with all the equipment and capabilities of an SUV, adding the comfort of a luxury sedan. Whatever the adventure, the XC70 is fully loaded and ready to take the road less traveled. Spacious interior, powerful engine options and an impressive amount of equipment is what makes the Volvo XC70 one of the highest rated vehicles in its class.

Model Features


Just two engines options are needed to make the Volvo XC70 one of the best vehicles on the market. The first is a front-wheel drive T5 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with a turbocharger. This engine allows for spirited acceleration and dynamic driving without generating outrageous CO2 emissions, thanks to the E-Drive system that aims to limit the emission of greenhouse gases without compromising engine power. The second engine is the T6 3.0L 6-cylinder which also has a turbocharger. It also enjoys the legendary Volvo AWD which offers impeccable control, regardless of road conditions. This engine can generate more than 300 horsepower, giving it a towing capacity of more than 3,500 lbs. Find today the used Volvo XC70 you need by browsing our inventory of Volvo XC70 for sale.



Although it bears the nameplate as an all-terrain vehicle, the Volvo XC70 station wagon contains a more luxurious interior. Rich accents adorn the dashboard and are complemented by the comfortable seats, covered in hand-sewn leather. These are heated and can be adjusted in more than 30 different positions through an electrical system. The steering wheel is also heated and fitted with all the most important commands, ranging from audio level to cruise control. Additional head and legroom has been introduced to provide passengers the maximum space possible. Dual zone air-conditioning can be controlled through the Volvo-exclusive Sensus infotainment system. This system also controls the various devices of the vehicle and can even allow to browse the internet. Find today the used Volvo XC70 you need by browsing our inventory of Volvo XC70 for sale.



For several decades, Volvo cars have been known for their unparalleled level of security and their impressive results in collision tests. The Volvo XC70 beneficiates of the many years of experience of the Swedish manufacturer in order to offer its occupants the peace of mind that comes with the Volvo name. An innovation of recent years, the IntelliSafe system is a huge technological breakthrough for the automotive industry since it has been given the task to completely eradicate accidents involving Volvo vehicles.  It is no small task, and that is why more than a dozen radars and sensors were installed on the XC70 to detect and predict potential collisions with pedestrians or other vehicles. The cruise control uses these same detectors to adjust its speed depending on the surrounding traffic. Find today the used Volvo XC70 you need by browsing our inventory of Volvo XC70 for sale.