About us

Groupe Park Avenue is inspired every day by innovation and the daring of its founder, Mr. Norman D. Hébert Sr., something which is perpetuated today through its president and chief executive officer, Mr. Norman Hébert Jr. Fifty-five years later, the passion for automobiles is still ever-present in the Group's multiple dealerships.

At the Core of our Existence

Our Promise

We want to be viewed as the one-stop shop for all your automotive needs. We are here to facilitate the vehicle purchase and ownership experience of our customers, always in accordance with their wishes.

We will fulfill this promise by following three key principles, namely:

An Exceptional Experience That Simplifies our Customers’ Lives

Without them, we simply wouldn’t exist! We believe that our clients deserve guidance and support through a solid approach that values personalized expertise in line with their distinct needs.

A Dynamic Atmosphere for all our Employees

Without their inspiration, we could not create the exceptional experience that we are aiming for. We are building an integrated and attractive professional environment to promote the growth of knowledge at all levels of the company, and to encourage people who are passionate about the many opportunities life offers.

A Rewarding Relationship for all our Manufacturing and Business Partners

Without them, we could not reach our fullest potential. We invest in the development of a permanent network of partners who are guided by the same business objectives, values and criteria of excellence.

Our Employees' Guides

Our Values

At Groupe Park Avenue, our employees go above and beyond the following six values:


Is to cultivate the sense of belonging to the Group by demonstrating concrete actions and by participating in the constant improvement of our everyday life.


Is to adhere to sound moral principles in all of our interactions with a particular attention to transparency, honesty and equality.


Is to be constantly searching for more information and ideas in order to be differentiated and to continuously improve experience lived by all who interact with us.


Is to be constantly thinking of the objectives that have been set for the team, cultivating an enriching work environment, continuously trying to uncover new ways to make the organization more efficient and to satisfy our customers.


Is to pay close attention to our environment, use our eyes and our ears to discover the aspirations of those that surround help them achieve their goals.


Is expressing ones passions with a refreshing and inviting enthusiasm and to be the example in the search for excellence.