Donations & Sponsorships

Ever since it was founded in 1959, Groupe Park Avenue has contributed to a variety of events, along with the funding of several non-profit organizations. Keen to be a responsible and active partner in its community, Groupe Park Avenue supports events and organizations in four main spheres of activity: health, sports, education, and family.

Groupe Park Avenue wants to act as a positive and pro-active influence in the community, supporting the daily life of residents on a professional and personal basis, through the dedication of time and resources. This community commitment is an essential complement to the healthy growth of the enterprise.

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Preferred Spheres of Activity


Groupe Park Avenue supports organizations and events related to health such as hospital foundations, medical research in various sectors, along with respite homes and shelters for people in need of medical attention.


In consideration of its geographical location, Groupe Park Avenue associates with organizations and events with a mission to improve school institutions and access to education.


As an enterprise founded on family traditions for more than 55 years, Groupe Park Avenue wants to be actively involved with organizations and events that support and provide help for families within its region of operations.


Groupe Park Avenue advocates for physical activity of all kinds as these lead to personal self-improvement. The business gets involved in events and organizations with a mission to teach people that improving health can be achieved through sports.

Sponsorship Forms

Event Sponsorship

Groupe Park Avenue wants to be associated with events that provide for a partnership or the privilege of association through an investment of funds, of products or of services based on a visibility plan. The event in question must reach a targeted audience, be held within the sector of operations and match with at least one of the previously mentioned spheres of activity in the current policy.

Social Sponsorship

As part of its mission, Groupe Park Avenue aims, in particular, to establish partnerships that allow it to play a role as a positive and pro-active influence in the community. A social sponsorship is therefore a contribution of a philanthropic nature, paid as funds, as products or as services, to non-profit organizations working in the spheres of activity previously mentioned in the current policy.

Eligibility Criteria

All organizations making an application must:

  • Host the event for which a donation or sponsorship is being requested in the area of a Groupe Park Avenue dealership.
  • Reach out to one or several clients targeted by Groupe Park Avenue.
  • Formulate a request that matches one or several of the spheres of activity presented above.
  • Complete an application form available on the website.
  • Have official status and registration number as a non-profit organization or a public body.
  • Demonstrate sound management.
  • Not be associated with, nor for the event, a religious or political cause.

Response Time and Follow-Up

Groupe Park Avenue has established a period of 30 days following reception of applications to provide a response to the request. Those in charge of sponsorships will only contact those applicants whose request has been approved. Even so, in the case of a refusal, an email will be sent with this information within the established time frame.


Groupe Park Avenue pays great attention to analyzing every application received for a donation or sponsorship. The evaluation committee for these requests, which reports directly to the President of the company, makes sure that all requests are treated equally according to the eligibility criteria mentioned above, by taking into account the visibility benefits being offered and the established annual budget.

Member Dealers of Groupe Park Avenue

All Groupe Park Avenue dealers follow this current donations and sponsorship acceptance policy.

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