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About the Audi RS 5

A purebred stallion that constantly redefines the rules of the game, the Audi RS 5 amazes and inspires. Launched in Europe in 2010 and finally imported to Canada in 2013, the Audi RS 5 is available in two refreshing and exciting versions, the Audi RS 5 Coupé and Audi RS 5 Cabriolet. The most advanced edition of the popular Audi A5, the Audi RS 5 offers a kaleidoscope of sensations and emotions. Thanks to a sleek design, sumptuous powerplant and a royal cabin, the Audi RS 5 carries its passengers to greater heights.

Model Features


A bright reflection of the unrivaled performances it has to offer, the exterior design of the Audi RS 5 truly stands out. Slightly sportier than its fellow sisters from the Audi A5 lineup, the spirited Audi RS 5 boasts a muscular design that instantly catches the eye.

Bolder than ever, the dynamic bumper showcases massive air inlets and incorporates the distinctive silver diamond mesh single-frame grille. It also features prominent, widened fenders and oversized wheels that create a toned, sophisticated body.

From the side, the luxurious coupe is instantly recognizable, thanks to a broad shoulder line that greatly enhance the natural flow of the Audi RS 5. A true performer dressed up with bolder aerodynamics and elegant shades, the Audi RS 5 evokes a strong sense of commanding power, ready to blast any track.

Quickly find a new Audi RS 5 or used Audi RS 5 by browsing through our selection of Audi RS 5 for sale.


A mechanical arsenal specifically designed to deliver astonishing performances, the powerplant that lies in the heart of the Audi RS 5 easily gets its driver's adrenaline flowing. Sourced from the ecstatic Audi R8, the powerplant is a monstrous, high-revving 4.2-liter V8 that unleashes more than 445 horsepower and reveals a ferocious, unique roar. Scarcely less powerful that the DTM edition, the street-oriented Audi RS 5 Coupe and Audi RS 5 Cabriolet rip up the roads with joy and confidence.

Specifically designed for road-use, the two are fitted with a 7-speed tronic double-clutch transmission which allows the driver to benefit as fully as possible from the engine's output at all time. What's more the Audi drive select with quattro® sport differential provides high levels of safety and greater traction on all surfaces, making the Audi RS 5 one of the most thrilling ride ever created.

Quickly find a new Audi RS 5 or used Audi RS 5 by browsing through our selection of Audi RS 5 for sale.


A marvel of innovation, the cabin of the Audi RS 5 benefits from the best materials and components to ensure a thrilling yet, comfortable experience.

A statement of design infused with performance, the Audi RS 5 is fitted with exclusive well-padded RS seats with enhanced side bolsters that offer a perfect combination of style, support and comfort. Entirely driver-oriented, the center console features great ergonomics and provides a quick and intuitive experience. Engineered with a purpose, the three-spoke, flat-bottom multifunction sport steering wheel with shift paddles inspires a commanding feel and is infused with power, control and freedom. Surprisingly spacious, the Audi RS 5 has plenty of legroom and headroom to offer and showcases a larger-than-average trunk with fold flat seats.

Quickly find a new Audi RS 5 or used Audi RS 5 by browsing through our selection of Audi RS 5 for sale.