Car Financing

Nothing to lose - no risk
Our financial directors are at your service to assist you in your car financing needs, no matter what your credit rating.

I have an A-1 credit rating

I make all my credit card or mortgage payments and I have no difficulty obtaining financing.

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2nd / 3rd chance at financing

I have had some difficulties and would like to rebuild my credit rating in order to have access to lower interest rates.

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Why should you finance at Groupe Park Avenue?


Everybody should have access to car financing, including clients who need to rebuild their credit score.

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We do business with all financial institutions in order to give you access to the best rates.

55+ years

The advantage of doing business with an experienced enterprise such as Groupe Park Avenue.


You can make an application for financing at no cost, at any time, right in the comfort of our lobby.


Following your application, our financial directors are committed to responding as quickly as possible.


Your personal information is protected at all times, thanks to our secure data systems.