Chevrolet Silverado for sale, Used Chevrolet Silverado on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

Price Range
$28,995 - $30,495
Odometer (KM)
89,201 - 99,372
2015 - 2018

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$28,995 $32,264
EngineV6 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementMéga Centre Park Avenue Laval
Stock NumberBC14679
$30,495 $31,995
EmplacementMéga Centre Park Avenue Laval
Stock NumberA14147

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About the Chevrolet Silverado

The debate among pickup trucks is nothing new, but according to the results of independent studies, the solid construction of the Chevrolet Silverado seems to place it in pole position. As a matter of fact, its frame is made of ultra-resistant steel and greatly supersedes its competitors in terms of durability and robustness. In addition, this feature enables it to transport a payload much larger than the other trucks in its class, especially those boasting their aluminum construction. Not to mention that it also offers several powerful engine options while being reasonable in terms of fuel consumption.


Model Features


With three options of EcoTec engines, the Chevrolet Silverado can enjoy all the power sought in a pickup truck while limiting its environmental footprint. An active fuel management system even allows the engine to turn off some cylinders when they are not necessary, thereby conserving more fuel. The first powertrain is an EcoTec 4,3L V6 that can produce up to 295 horsepower while keeping its fuel consumption below 12 liters per 100 km. The second is an EcoTec 5,8L V8 engine which can generate more than 415 horsepower. Finally, the third engine is a powerful EcoTec 6.2L V8 able to pick up more than 460 horsepower and a possible towing capacity of more than 11,700 pounds depending on the wheelbase. Two automatic transmissions are proposed, a six gears and an eight gears, allowing more accurate engine revolution and, therefore, less energy loss. The Silverado is offered as a two-wheel drive and in 4X4. Find today the used Chevrolet Silverado you are looking for by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Silverado for sale.



The range of Chevrolet pick-up truck continues to receive accolades because of the space it offers since all models come standard with a spacious four-door cab. Up to six passengers can be accommodated comfortably in the famous Crew Cab. Several combinations of cabins and loading boxes are possible to respond as much as possible to the different needs of a very large clientele. The most spacious cargo box offers over 1,700 liters of cargo space. Even when filled to capacity, the passenger cabin offers surprising comfort since it benefits from over 40 inches of legroom, even in the back seat. The maximum payload that can be carried by the Silverado is over 2200 pounds, a statistic that leaves the competition far behind. Find today the used Chevrolet Silverado you are looking for by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Silverado for sale.



Although this is a vehicle with a rather hardworking vocation, the Chevrolet Silverado offers its occupants a level of comfort worthy of the greatest luxury sedans. Thanks to a solid construction and quality materials, the Silverado has one of the quietest interiors among pickups trucks. The air conditioner, the electrical group and a cruise control with steering wheel controls are all standard equipment in the Silverado. All floors are made of graphite vinyl for easy cleaning. The center console is equipped with a color touchscreen to control both the entertainment system and the various instrumentation, such as oil level or the tire pressure. Find today the used Chevrolet Silverado you are looking for by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Silverado for sale.