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About the Chevrolet Suburban

Favorite vehicle of several specialized police corps, the Chevrolet Suburban is also the most massive full-size SUV to have ever been seen on our roads. In fact, if one deconstructs the design of the Suburban, it basically is a pickup truck chassis on which Chevrolet has added a roof and seats for up to nine passengers. In addition, the Suburban has a very powerful engine and an impressive amount of standard features, allowing it to remain at the top of its class. Another interesting fact, the Chevrolet Suburban holds the longevity record for a continuous model of any brand, which can be seen as a durability and quality guarantee.

Model Features


With its elongated shape and its imposing size, the Suburban has one of the most spacious interiors for a passenger vehicle. First, it is important to remember that in addition to offering three different seating configurations, the Chevrolet Suburban seats up to nine passengers while providing ample room to accommodate their luggage.

More than 35 liters are available behind the third row and when it is lowered, this figure rises to more than 75 liters. When the last two rows are lowered, more than 120 liters are available to accommodate very large objects and with its payload capacity of over 1500 lbs, the Suburban is ready to be loaded to the maximum. And thanks to his imposing frame, it is able to offer its passengers an average head clearance of nearly one meter.

Find today the used Chevrolet Suburban for you by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Suburban for sale.



It would be easy to believe that a vehicle as massive as the Chevrolet Suburban is equipped with an outrageously energy-consuming engine, but it surprisingly isn’t the case. In fact, Chevrolet's designers have gone to great lengths to provide a very powerful engine while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. With the brand name EcoTec, Chevrolet managed to deliver impressive consumption statistics, as it is the case with the Suburban and its V8 5,3L EcoTec engine.

This engine can generate more than 350 horsepower, allowing it a towing capacity of over 8,000 lbs. Consumption-wise, this engine maintains combined statistics below 13 liters per 100 km, a particularly impressive figure considering the size of the vehicle and the fact that many of its competitors are struggling to provide consumption under 17 or even 18 liters per 100km.

Find today the used Chevrolet Suburban for you by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Suburban for sale.



More than comfortable, the Chevrolet Suburban offers a whole new dimension of luxury thanks to an impressive array of features that will appeal even to the most demanding drivers. Among the standard features include:

  • Automatic three zones air conditioning.

  • Analog instrumentation and vehicle information screen (tire pressure, oil level, temperature, etc.)

  • Bluetooth audio and phone system with steering wheel controls.

  • 10 positions power adjustable front seats.

In terms of options, here's what Chevrolet offers:

  • LTE Wi-Fi Zone with the OnStar system.

  • Heated front and rear seats.

  • Entertainment system with eight-inches touch screen.

  • Independent entertainment screens for the second and third rows.

  • Over 10 USB charging stations arranged in the vehicle.

A sunroof as well as a wide range of other options are available to complement the generous equipment of the Suburban. Find today the used Chevrolet Suburban for you by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Suburban for sale.