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About the Chevrolet Volt

One of the first vehicle offering an engine that can run either on gasoline alone or gasoline and electrical symbiosis, the Chevrolet Volt can also travel more than 60 km by being propelled entirely by its battery. This ingenious system makes it possible to never depend on either a fuel pump or a charging station. Its refined and somewhat futuristic look does not fail to turn heads in its path. Unique, the Volt just downright creates a new vehicle category within the zero greenhouse gas emission cars.


Model Features

Fuel Efficiency

Although its price is not yet considered as one of the most affordable, the Chevrolet Volt offers a fair price for the latest technology. Moreover, the money invested in a Volt will be promptly returned to its owner since he will benefit from significant fuel savings. It can travel up to 60 km in electric mode only and offers a consumption of below 6.8 liters per 100 km on gasoline only. When set in combined mode, it consumes only a little less than four liters per 100 km. This mode also allows the driver to have all the desired power during acceleration since the battery and gas engine work together in order to propel the vehicle as effectively as possible. Its aerodynamic design also comes in handy, limiting considerably the wind resistance and thus allows the engine to spend less energy. Find today the used Chevrolet Volt you are looking for by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Volt for sale.



In the great tradition of Chevrolet vehicles, the Volt offers several interesting safety features. Eight airbags and airbag curtains come standard to help the Volt protect more than adequately its occupants in case of impact. OnStar guidance and road assistance is also standard and allows you to be in constant contact with a technician in the event of an emergency. They are also notified when the airbags are deployed and can address the situation properly. The StabiliTrak system controls the traction and the vehicle’s path. The latter works with an advanced traction control system to minimize the risk of skidding. A programmable anti-theft system also comes standard and even includes an anti-theft device for the portable recharge cable. Find today the used Chevrolet Volt you are looking for by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Volt for sale.



Although it is a compact car, the Chevrolet Volt still offers a lot in terms of comfort. Its spacious interior can comfortably accommodate up to four passengers while offering excellent head and leg room. The two front bucket seats are very comfortable and are even equipped with heating devices. The audio system offers full Bluetooth connectivity, both for music and phone. All OnStar features including the area Wifi 4G-LTE, are installed and available as standard characteristics. The Volt also provides all of these commands and a speed regulator directly on the wheel, as well as a single zone air conditioning system. Find today the used Chevrolet Volt you are looking for by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Volt for sale.