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About the Nissan Juke

Refreshing and explosive, the Nissan Juke came in as a pure bombshell on the Canadian crossover's market. Thanks to an outside the box design, the Nissan Juke has brought a breath of fresh air since its introduction in 2010. Perfect combination of the sporty and racy look of a coupé to the endless list of benefits and advantages of a sedan, the Nissan Juke is more than a simple crossover, it's a Sport Cross. Bringing exhilaration to a whole new level, Nissan was pleased to introduce the Nismo package to the Nissan Juke, a first in Canada. Thanks to a unique design, outstanding performances and long list of high-end features, the Nissan Juke instantly steals the limelight.

Model Features


Distinctly different, the Nissan Juke stands out with a distinctive and electrifying design. At first sight, the vehicle's allure surprises, intrigues and seduces. Bold, massive and aggressive, the front end enhances the Nissan Juke's hefty nature.

Boasting a fiercely-sculpted hood, slender headlights and massive fog lights, the Japanese Sport Cross perfectly combines elegance with passion. Pushed out to all corners, the wheels add to its athletic and powerful stance while the muscular shoulder line and tapered windows intensify the coupe look. What's more, 370Z-inspired taillights that highlight the Nissan Juke's dynamic silhouette for a stunning result.

Quickly find a new Nissan Juke or used Nissan Juke by browsing our Nissan Juke for sale inventory.


Breathtaking at first sight, the Nissan Juke offers performances worthy of its spectacular design. Equipped with a stunning 1.6-liter direct injection gasoline turbo engine, the Japanese Sport Cross eats up the miles with spirit and ease. Adding a pleasing twist to the vehicle's unique design, the wheels pushed out to all corners increase the Nissan Juke's unparalleled agility and breathtaking handling.

Coupled with Nissan's available torque vectoring AWD stabilizing system, the Sport Cross delivers the power and control you need to tackle any roads securely. Combining astonishing performances to huge savings at the pump, this powertrain promises excitement and peace of mind at all time. Taking exhilaration to the next level, the Nismo package offers a stiffer ride with increased downforce and additional power for a staggering result.

Quickly find a new Nissan Juke or used Nissan Juke by browsing our Nissan Juke for sale inventory.


Derived from a wide range of uncommon and surprising sources, the Nissan Juke's cabin is as stunning as it is unique. Ingeniously designed, the loading area can be customized for increased space. With added space hidden underneath the cargo floor, the Nissan Juke holds precious items away from prying eyes.

Thanks to multiple elements taken from luxury and race cars, the interior's easy-to-use features and technologies infuse the Nissan Juke with the spirit of speed. Stylish and dynamic, the sport-motorcycle inspired center console embodies pure adrenaline and adds a unique twist that instantly stands out. Thanks to sport bucket seats that fit close to your body, the Nissan Juke offers enhanced support as you dive into gnarly roads and perform tight maneuvers.

Quickly find a new Nissan Juke or used Nissan Juke by browsing our Nissan Juke for sale inventory.